A need to express myself

Life in New York is setting down. I am making it through my first Northern winter. Adjusting to dry air and cold temperatures and the itch to do more than just share photos has popped back up.

I enjoy writing and blogging. I miss it and in turn miss the community that was created in our livejournal days. I feel Facebook is a rough and dirty version and long for pretty, curated, individual pages that you only get when truly blogging. I have many iterations of a blog. Trying to find my older voice has been hard. I don’t even know if this voice is the right voice, but it feels closer. It feels more like me and I hope to share my life and my joy in the most authentic way I can.

Life is beautiful. I am frequently reminded in the city that it can hand you ugly and gritty and then turn around and show you magic and laughter. Here is a recent moment. I was having a rough morning, a tough commute, got off the subway and stumbled into a live orchestra taping of Planet Earth II by BBC. It was breathtaking, it made the hair stand up on my arms and tears come to my eyes in just a moment. Rough commute aside, I was still early, so I took a few minutes to take it all in and it totally changed my entire outlook on the day.

Take a moment a change your day. Find the joy.

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